I think that Iowa State has greatly prepared me for solve software engineering problems. It has allowed me design better systems with learning about object oriented desing and analysis and algorithims. Other engineering classes have allowed me to come up with new ideas to solve engineering problems and I believe I am prepared to solve additional real world problems.

I have worked with many groups at Iowa State. This has allowed me to get experience working cooperatively with people that will help in the future. Additionally, I have learned about contemporary issues and ethical responsibilities. I will be aware of these for my future engineering career.

I have been able to use many resources for research and accomplishing software engineering tasks. I have used academic resources and online resources to learn information outside of class to use to accomplish these tasks. In addition, open source code has been a great resource to learn and use for my own projects.

Activities outside of the classroom have allowed me to continue to work with groups to accomplish engineering tasks. Additionally, outside of the classroom I have worked on personal projects. These have allowed me to explore new technologies and improve my abilities. Both of these outside activities have made me continue to like learning for the rest of my life.

If I were to complete undergraduate work again, I would pay attention to classes I have taken and plan for things I enjoy and want to learn about. I believe this would have made my experience more enjoyable, overall and get in everything I want to learn about.